Thursday, March 16, 2006

Don't take it personal (just one of them days)

OK. I have remained silent on this for too long, and now I must say with the utmost decorum and class …


Now, I am not speaking to everyone, but you know who you are. If you send more than two forwards a week, I’m talking to you. If you send an e-mail that in any way, shape or form, mentions sending x number of people the e-mail or you will go to hell/die shortly/have all around bad luck, then I’m talking to you. And if includes the words “I sent this to the people I thought would respond” then I’m talking to you. Because you know damn well I won’t respond.

Now every once in a while, you come across something so funny/shocking/ridiculous/cool that you have to share it. Like what I get from Tha Riddler sometimes. That’s cool. But e-mail forwards are getting out of hand.
J-Boogie AKA Woodstock (Using aliases is my new thing) says he gets about 10 forwards a day from his cousin. WTF? Is sending junk mail her full time job? And please, don’t send out forwards that promise to do stuff that is more than likely impossible. For example: Bill Gates is NOT going to give you money for using e-mail. There is NO SUCH THING as a beta test that tracks your e-mail and pays you. Why would they pay you to send e-mails when there’s hella people who send e-mail for free? We pay THEM for the privilege to send e-mail, not the other way around.

I mean some of them make no sense. For example, I get an e-mail that tells an inspiring story of someone whose religion saved them from a horrible fate. So within 10 minutes, I am to send this same story to 50 people or we all lose our blessings and go to hell. Now, I admit I haven’t actually heard the pastor say this yet, but the God I believe in is omnipotent. So why would he send me a message through e-mail? As a matter of fact, I am hereby deeming all such messages blasphemy!

All I ask is this. Before sending me a dumbass e-mail that promises to: make me money, save a starving child in another country, on line surveys, etc. do some research! Go to, a site dedicated to proving/disproving urban legends. goes straight to the ones about Internet stuff.

If you get a forward that proves to be true through Snopes, copy the link and add it to the forward. Send me a copy, and forward it to 100 more of your closest friends. This works, I promise! I heard it from my aunt’s cousin on her dad’s side whose beautician’s lover has a sister that’s a lawyer. And if you send it out in 7 minutes you’ll get a phone call immediately and in 7 days you see the ring. Um, or something like that.

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