Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Let me get a piece of business out of the way first: Roadrunner you owe me 50 cents.

Ok, my wishes? It's hard for me to reflect on those things I'd wished I'd done without feeling just a little bit disappointed in myself. This exercise just reminds me of the goals that I failed at, or those I let slip by without even trying. For me, it's less "zen" and more looking-at-my-life-flash-before-my-eyes and not liking what I see. But hey, RR it's your birthday week, and if a list of wishes is what you want - my impending depression notwithstanding - a list is what you'll get.

1) I wish I'd taken my French professors advice and continued on to intermediate French. At the time, I was looking at what it would take to finish school in 4 years, not what would enrich my life or impact my career. This is a major sticking point for me since my dad was a foreign language teacher. He would be so disappointed.

2) I wish I'd planned better for the future. When I left for Germany, I had a barebones plan, and no way of executing what little I did have. Now career-wise I'm scrambling to make up for the last 3 years.

3) I wish I had continued playing the piano and clarinet. It's been so long, now I have to be re-taught. It's a shame to squander a gift like that.

4) I wish that every now and then, I could just let it go, whatever the "it" of the moment may be. If something annoys me, I obsess about it. And my obsession with that thing annoys me even more, which leads to more obsessing and - yeah, it's a never-ending loop of obsession and annoyance in my head.

5) I wish I had the nerve to wear a huge afro and dye it red. No major revelations about this one, I just think it would look really cool. And so would a tattoo on the back of my neck, but that's a different story.

I could go on and on, but won't.

And I'll try really hard not to obsess over this list of wishes after I hit publish.

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woodstock said...

Well you can get yourself a clarinet, I'll get a cello, and we can hold concerts in the food court and sell CDs to the community...