Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Does it make me crazy that ...

**I'm tired of hearing about the TB guy? He's OK, the people on the plane are OK, Now give him some antibiotics and a shot of penicillin and let's move on.

**It annoys me to see all these slow a$$ police "chases" on the news? Why you gotta interrupt something I might actually be interested in to show me another shot of the same person driving the same car on the same road? Just let me know when you catch 'em.

**I'm a little bit jealous of the Schweinfurt HeShe's swagger? Seriously, someone who can convince countless soldiers (not just the closeted ones) to believe he's a woman got some secrets I want to know.

**I don't care to see the "distinguished visitor" the PAO claims is coming to Schweinfurt today. If it's not Barack Obama, Common or Woodstock, why do I need to hear what he (or she) has to say in person when I can read about it later?

**As a career counselor, I'm getting paid to help soldiers with their career path when I'm still trying to solidify a career future my d#$m self?

**I think adults obsessed with the Harry Potter books and movies are kind of weird? I'm not saying they shouldn't read them. I'm just asking if it's necessary to talk about it. And post Harry Potter pictures your myspace page. And take off work early so you can go see the movie.
**My shoe just broke and I'm trying to decide whether it's acceptable to attempt fix it with mixture of staples, super glue and thread instead of throwing them away?
**I think colored tazers are stupid? Since when did personal safety devices become an accessory? And the sad part is, someone will say, wow I'll finally break down and get one. Not because I've been mugged 3 times, but because it matches my pink Razr. Although I can't say for certain I wouldn't carry a Beretta 92 SB with hot pink side panels.
What gets on YOUR nerves?

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