Friday, July 06, 2007

Blame it on the Rain

I walked out of church last week uplifted. Pastor preached about "rejoicing evermore." How we must continue to rejoice,even when things look dim. I nodded my head in agreement with his words, had that knowing smile because I've been there. Been in a place of darkness and continued to praise him. And in a rare display of social interaction clearly brought on by the Word (I've been flying WAY below the radar as of late) I even hung out with some of my church sistahs eating ice cream and chatting. I wasn't even all that annoyed when the after-church fellowship caused me to miss Ocean's 13. I went to sleep content, thinking about those times I persevered when it looked like things wouldn't go my way and turned out for the best.

And then I woke up.

And that's when the s#$%t hit the fan, so to speak. EVERYTHING - from the slow Farschule car to the phone ringing during my marathon Smallville watching unbraiding session - got on my nerves. The rest of the week was a series over ever-worsening mishaps. Most of them un-noteworthy, but every single incident was like bamboo shoot being stuck deeper and deeper under my fingernails. The way I worked my way through 30 phone numbers, calling soldier after soldier trying to get them to come to our next workshop as my co-worker sat idly by, sending e-mails and catching up on her celebrity gossip.

Or what about Yahoo messenger's mysterious glitch that had me restarting the program just so I could get messages. Speaking of computer problems, I had a fit when blogger was acting the fool and I couldn't see any new posts. Granted, I was blogging on the job, but dang, that's no reason to fool with my only means of staying awake during our slow-for-now days.

The annoyance level was racketed up a notch on the 4th at the Girl Scout event that I showed up an hour early for and sat around with nothing to do. I ended up missing the whole thing because I was helping out behind the scenes - something that wouldn't be necessary if it had been properly planned.

I admit some of it is of my own doing. Tearing through the apartment, unable to find anything and cursing the papers strewn about the coffee table, covering up every important thing i would need this week.

And today? Oh, don't even get me started on today. I was feeling kind of lazy, but STILL I persevered to make it to the car dealership to have a light reset. I was feeling good on the way out of the dealership - feeling like I'd finally accomplished something this week. But as soon as the tire hit the Autobahn, the light came back on. THEN I ran into a stau on the way back. Too bad I didn't hit the stau when a stray eyelash flew into my eye, causing a burning that blurred my vision and almost caused me to swerve. Thank goodness I was able to pull over at one of those Park 'n Rides.

When I got home, I attempted to ease the pain of what I assume was an aftershock of the killer eyelash by taking out my contacts. Yeah - didn't happen. I got one out, and tried unsuccessfully to get the other one out to no avail. So all I could do is put the other one back in and be mad. Which I most certainly am.

I don't know if it's the rain, the unseasonble cold snap, or whether I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed Monday. What I DO know is that I'm going to have a glass of wine and go to sleep and try to put it all behind me. But if you see me this weekend looking like I got pink eye in ONE eye - stay back, because no matter what you say, you're apt to get on my nerves.


Rodrigo said...
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woodstock said...

Just keep in mind that you have to go "through" something in order to get "to" something. Stay encouraged, my love.