Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Well, I have finally passed my final initiation rite into the the elite sisterhood of military wives: I spent both my first anniversary and Valentine's Day with my husband away. And odds are I will spend the next two of those with him away as well. Of course, it wasn't all bad. Christine (my friend and soror) got me a box of chocolates for the anniversary. And family and friends sent me cards - although I'm surprised that Angela, who remembers everything from President's Day to my little sister's birthday, didn't say something. But no worries :) I like being around people who understand my situation, although some of us get a bit too hardened (i.e. You missed your anniversary? Please! I missed my first 10 anniversaries. Or, your husband's in the field? Please! My husband was in the field 2 months, went to Kosovo for 2 years, came home for the weekend and went to Iraq and I had all 3 kids while he was in drill sgt. school/cpt. career course - that changes depending on the talker). Don't worry, this won't be a "military wife" thing (and don't call me a military wife!) I just had to get that out. And next time I'll try to make it more interesting.

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