Friday, February 17, 2006

99 Problems

K - one of my closest friends - is getting married, and I don’t know if I can be there. I want to, but right now, the situation is looking pretty dim. The wedding is in the Bahamas. From Germany, the plane ticket alone is $1,400. And that’s the cheapest. And of course that doesn’t include the transportation that will get me to the airport, which is another 90 Euro, or about $110. What a dilemma. This is someone who stood by as a bridesmaid at my own wedding. Someone who helped in the last minute details on my wedding day, and who packed into a car at 5 a.m. alongside the other female members of the wedding party to get their dresses out of a towed car. And someone who has put up with my incessant bitching – about everything - for the last 9 or 10 years. Not to mention all the times she made me change my outfit or accessories before going out because I “looked a mess.” For this friend, money is no object, right?

Except it is.

And I don’t think I’ll have it. I will do the best I can. Take 2 weeks off work to catch a hop maybe, because even though the wedding revelry will last only 3 days, it might take me another week to get another flight back. But if I have to go to the airport for 11 days straight, hoping I can find a way out of the country, I will. For a friend I could call in the middle of the night to complain to? For a friend who would tell me the honest-to-God truth about something because she knew it was best for me?

It’s worth it.


M-Dubb said...

You know what you got to do.

Plus, you might be able to get a ticket to Florida, then fly from there and back to the Bahamas. Then come back to FLorida and, if you HAVE to sit, sit with friends. You know you got one of us in all the major cities!

M-Dubb said...

P.S. Was it the picture text? I'm so lost. You've been gone nearly a year...

Tha Riddler said...

Do what you got to do girl. Only you what she means to you and only you can decide if it's worth the trip. True friends are hard to come by.